The 31 Day Adventure

The “31-Day Adventure” is built on a promise, the assurance of knowing that God has given us the gift of each new day as an opportunity to hear from Him. He wants to speak to us, and He eagerly awaits our response. Within this adventure is the potential for a new relationship with God, one in which we can know His heart and react accordingly!

Begin each day by slowly reading the prayer below, dwelling on the intimacy that He wants to develop with you. Then move on to the verse-of-the-day, letting it wash over your heart and mind, while meditating on its particular meaning for your life. Expect God to speak to you personally, and respond to Him in prayer and action throughout your day.

The more zealously you pursue Him, the more clearly you will hear Him speak. Begin this incredible adventure with the certainty and conviction that He wants you to hear His voice!


Dear Lord, I come to You

with a heart that is filled with anticipation



longing to hear Your voice

open my eyes so that I may see

wonderful things in Your Word.

Soften my heart, center my thoughts

to hear Your voice today, may I respond

stepping out and taking risks for You

out of obedience

and the desire to please You.

May my heart overflow with gratefulness and with thanks

as we walk through this new day together

I love you so…